Hedge Fund Manager Salary

When Googling ‘hedge fund manager salary’, you’re given a wealth of results. Clearly, the biggest selling point for any job is how much money you’re going to make from it. However, with hedge fund management if you’re extremely successful then you’re almost certainly guaranteed an exceptionally high salary.


Starting out, even a rookie can expect to earn around $100,000 in the first year when it comes time to taking home their exclusive hedge fund manager salary. This is immediately an incentive for people to kick start their career and set themselves up nicely for the future. However, we’d recommend that every budding hedge fund manager checks out this book on Amazon since it highlights the potential pitfalls of going into this line of business. As we’ve mentioned before when discussing how to become a hedge fund manager, it’s an extremely demanding job that’s hard to get into and will take up a lot of your own personal time.

The great thing with a hedge fund manager salary is that as time goes on, it will inevitably grow larger which is down to three reasons. Firstly,  you’ll get money for setting up the initial deal. As the name supplies, you’ll also get a management fee for the duration of the contract. The percentage varies per deal although they’re usually pretty lucrative. Secondly, along with the management fee, there’s usually a clause in the contract that you’ll also get a percentage of any profit that’s made on the deal over time. Thirdly, as your reputation increases there’s an increased likelihood of other investors seeking you out to help them grow their assests. By this stage you could have multiple hedge funds on the go and it wouldn’t be uncommon for you to bringing in a salary in excess of $1million per year.

hedge fund manager salary

 The top ten of hedge fund manager salary makers

1) Soros Fund Managment – $4 billion

2) David Teper – $3.5 billion

3) Steve Cohen – $2.3 billion

4) John Paulson – $1.9 billion

5) Carl Ichan – $1.7 billion

6) James Simmon – $1.1 billion

7=) Ray Dalio – $900 million

7=) Ken Griffin – $900 million

9) Larry Robbins – $750 million

10) Leon Cooperman – $730 million


As you can see, there’s great potential to make a massive salary when you’re a hedge fund manager. It’ll take a lot of hard work and effort but in the long run the figures above show how much money you can truly make.

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