A look at Trade Finder

Trade Finder is a new and exciting platform that acts as a trading system for the US stock market.

One of the ideal things about it is that it is extremely easy to use, unlike some other stock trading programs. Tied to this is the fact that it marries up extremely well with Microsoft Excel which in itself is easy to use. Should it be the case that you don’t have Excel, that isn’t an issue either. This is due to the fact that the results are exported as .CSV files, which can also be opened up in free office packages such as Open Office, or even the Google version, otherwise known as Sheets.

One of the things in favour of Trade Finder is that it allows you to carry out the work in real time. This is in contrast to larger outfits such as Hedge Funds that may not be as quick as an individual when using non-price data.

A key reason however to use non-price data is due to the fact that the alternative (tech analysis) is nothing more than a simulation model. The downside of this is that there may be trends appearing in the data, but this is down to it being nothing more than a simulation. This can ultimately vary wildly from that of real world data. The end result of this is that you are at a potential risk of losing money, which is the complete opposite of the goal you’re setting out to do.


Moreover, unlike other trading platforms, Trade Finder is giving a free trial in its Beta mode. Under this trial, you will be able to see not only your earnings, but you will be able to carry out five free requests in order to assess if the system is right for you.

If it is the case that you like the way the platform works, further requests will cost just $10. It also includes up to date news on the stock market which is a great addition. Should it be the case that you have a lot of money to invest, then there is a monthly subscription available as well.

At $55 per month, you will get the query service, access to the US EOD stocks as well as the news. The difference though is that you get an unlimited amount of requests during each month. For those that are serious investors, or perhaps part of a larger firm the subscription model is the ideal solution for you since you won’t need to worry about spending more money on more reuests each month.

Trade Finder really is an amazing platform for those that want to quickly and easily get into the stock market, and with easy integration with Excel unlike other platforms which have complicated setups, this is the ideal solution for novices and professionals alike.

You can sign up to Trade Finder today via this link.

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