Professional Corporate Services from Elemental

Whether you’re a small start up company, or you’re already a big business and looking to expand even further there will always be the situation whereby there are tasks that you might not be able to carry out yourself.

One key area which can be extremely daunting is that of HR Services. For anyone that has even the slightest bit of experience with managing HR, this can be a less than pleasant experience. Thankfully this is an area which Elemental excels in. They are able to help in all areas of HR, which can include working on and off site for added peace of mind.

A key area which many businesses tend to overlook is often the most basic one; payroll. Many assume that this is a straightforward and quick task, when in actuality it does require a lot of time and effort to make sure that everything is present and correct.  Instead, it is a much better alternative to outsource the payroll aspect of your business to Elemental. Not only will they make sure your employees are paid, but they will also work out how much money is due in income tax and National Insurance which is paid directly to HMRC. This in turn takes the stress and uncertainty of of the payroll aspect of the business allowing you to thrive and grow your business as you will have more time dedicated to the day to day aspects of it.

Likewise, Elemental are also able to provide excellent help and support when it comes to paying corporate tax and profit extraction. This means that you’ll be paying the proper level of tax as required by law, but also maximising your profits. This can be a logistical minefield which some small businesses sometimes try and tackle on their own. However, when this is done it can have two outcomes. The first is that not enough tax is being paid which in turn can result in a hefty tax bill from HMRC. The second outcome is in the case whereby you’re not fully aware of the expenses you can claim for. The end result of this is that you will end up paying more in tax than you are required to by law. Unfortunately HMRC do not offer any advice to you if you have paid more tax than is due. Therefore, it is in the best interests of your company that you utilise the excellent professional corporate services from Elemental when it comes to the accounting and tax needs for your business.


For businesses that are also in need of Escrow Services, Elemental is on hand to help with your specific needs. Elemental has default escrow agreements that should generally meet all of your needs. Should it be the case that you are needing an agreement which has specific requirements in it, then this can of course be provided to your company. For added peace of mind, Elemental is not a subsidiary of any other business or bank. The benefit of this is that there is complete transparency in any activities that are carried out and there will not be any conflicts of interest. Elemental is also a fully regulated Escrow Agent and falls within the guidelines imposed by HMRC. They are also registered member of the Financial Conduct Authority thereby giving you peace of mind that everything that takes place is always legal and ethical.

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